I wish employers DID realize the advantages of hiring mothers (parents)

Miranda Daniloff Mancusi’s 2004 Boston Globe article “For maximum efficiency, call on a mother” is brilliant. It’s not exactly fresh news, but I’d like to share it anyway. I came across it quite by accident; I was interviewing for a job where Miranda works, and as a good job seeker I googled every person with whom I was meeting.

I could relate to pretty much everything she wrote, and then some. In fact, the article reminds me a little bit of my introductory post on another blog I used to run for a networking group of employees of Harvard University who have children with special needs or disabilities. A shortened (and revised) version of that post was also published in Harvard’s newsletter for employees as an “opinion” piece titled “Support for staff with special needs children: a win-win for Harvard, families and scholars.”

(I’m afraid I still cringe when I read the phrase “special needs children” in the title. It was the editor’s decision, not mine. I prefer to say “children with special needs or disabilities,” but I guess the editor wanted a shorter title.)

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