Nestle caving in (and removing artificial coloring) … but only in Australia (and Britain)

The Age – Business News, World News and Breaking News in Australia reports in an article “Smarties to lose a little of their lustre” by Kelly Burke (December 20, 2008) that apparently Nestle Australia has caved in, and despite years of insisting that artificial coloring in candy and other food products is safe, has decided to replace the artificial colors in Smarties with “ingredients derived from natural sources.”

That’s because of “an overseas study” linking artificial coloring “possibly linked to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.” (see also the entry “Food dyes and the Center for Science in the Public Interest”.)

I’m not holding my breath on when that will happen in the U.S. or even Canada.

(By the way, apparently Kellog’s also has decided to include natural colorings in their products sold in the U.K., but those sold in the U.S. are still loaded with chemicals, see

Well, I guess we’ll just have to continue banning Nestle and Kellog products in our house. I’m not feeding my children that crap.

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