Yopple eepee

We’ve been subjected to high-pitched chanting of “yopple eepee yopple eepee yopple eepee” for several days now and today during the 30-minute drive coming back from the auditory processing evaluation I finally found out what it’s all about.

Apparently one of my son’s classmates sounded out “people” as “pee-o-ple-ee.” That, repeated over and over again, of course sounds like “yopple eepee yopple eepee yopple eepee.”

One mystery solved. But we still don’t know why in the world he needs to repeat that over and over again, and especially in a chant-like very high pitched voice.

On the other hand, the auditory processing evaluation went fine. Meaning his auditory processing skills are at or above age level. So it’s not that he has trouble hearing, or understanding what is being said to him, even in an environment that makes it hard to listen. He can hear and comprehend speech just fine. He just … what? .. I guess he just “chooses” not to respond…

I’m think I’m just going to cancel all future appointments with the neurologist and other developmental pediatricians. The good thing insurance covers those things, but it is just beginning to look like a waste of time. Yes, his 20-minute EEG came out a bit unusual, but still it was not in the seizure range. I don’t think his staring into space while someone is taking to him has anything to do with seizures.

What’s the point of loosing half a day of work for me and half a day of school for him? It is not going to change anything.

If I sound frustrated, I am. I don’t even want to write anymore. And it’s not about “yopple eepee” or the auditory processing, but about something else entirely that he does that is so disgusting and gross that I’m too ashamed and upset to write about.

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